The internet is the gateway to an unlimited customer base, a vital step in establishing a brand presence and an invaluable way to connect with potential and existing clients. Social Media has blown the concept wide open, and without an internet presence you are likely to get lost in the crowd.

I can help you by designing and implementing a site from the ground up that conforms exactly to you and your clients needs, by engaging in the basic SEO (search engine optimization) techniques that help you climb the google rankings and conforming with current standards for both desktop and mobile viewing.

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Healthcare: Antenatal and Baby Brussels
Antenatal and Baby are a Brussels based organisation offering pre / midwifery and post natal services in English to ex-pats based in Brussels, belgium. This redesign called for a wholesale reinterpretation of their visual collateral - the commission was for a friendly, and personal website to reflect the intimate nature of their services. Out with stock photography and in with the cute baby photos, all clients of the organisation. This one was very much about engagaing and amplifying the community ethic, and encouraging a social media driven, word of mouth business model.

eCommerce: The Bike Smith
This project called for the implementation and continuing maintenance of an online bike components shop (The Bike Smith). Using the old school metal-worky type visual identity I had already created for the shop itself, I tried to reflect a very DIY and entirely bespoke way of working that reflects the ethos of the shop. I am still actively webmastering here, and maintaining the back end of the eCommerce store.

Business: Chariot Media
This project involved a comprehensive redesign of company branding for local Rickshaw agency, Chariot Media. As their business also involves the selling of advertising space, it was important to have a very modern, cool, and even perhaps informal visage, and this is what I strove to create. The site is framed by a stylised rickshaw cab, and the Chariot Media logo is based around a chunky rickshaw wheel. Social media is also very important, and the use of jQuery techniques has allowed me to place both twitter and facebook feeds on every page, in an unobtrusive fashion.