Print: It's been accessible to the masses since a certain Mr Gutenberg made it all possible in 1439. It's a mature form, but that's no reason to neglect it.

Your public appearance is the cornerstone of your business, and a coherent brand identity - from logos to letterheads and printed leaflets - is the best way to create and cement the impression you want.

Drop me a line to see how I can refresh, modernise and unify your visual identity.

PR Package: La Nina Barro
This design package consisted of a complete set of promotional materials (Poster, flyer and program) for Fronteiras Theatre Lab, displayed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014. Sandra Navarro's powerful photograph of the lead actress in the piece was very much the focal point of this design, and I felt it was very important to stay out of the way of the image and avoid clouding its immediate impact. The result was a very simple design, focused on earthy colours and counterpointed typography to highlight the conflicts of the piece.

Brand Identity: The Bike Smith
This design package consisted of a complete set of branding - logos and other paraphernalia as well as promotional materials including a rickshaw skin wrap (banner, sides, front divider, rear divider and hub caps) for advertising in Edinburgh, for a new bike shop. This client had a very strong idea for his visual identity - the shop specialises in building bespoke bicycles with a high emphasis on quality componentry - and he wanted the branding to resemble a olde-worldy gothic workshop to reflect the handmade attention to detail he strove for. I sought to balance this, particularly in the typography of the logo font, with the more modern and streamlined ideas of aerodynamics that pervade the bicycle world.